Using the Power of Nature

Hightech meets Craftsmanship

We are experts when it comes to finger-jointing wood and have been optimizing this process for the past 45 years. So no matter the challenge, our products are ready to take the test.

You will profit from our state-of-the-art processing technology and the deep technical knowledge of our employees. Our experience is captured within our products, which are known within the industry for their elevated level of quality. We supply a wide variety of products – mainly made from spruce and pine – that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


since 1985

We’ve got what you need. And apart from exceptional quality, we supply you with customized product dimensions and specifications. Define your requirements – we’ll do the rest.

You can rely on personal service and fair pricing. Reliability and adherence to delivery schedudels go hand in hand when working with us.

Whatever your order, you can count on being delivered a high quality product. Quality assurance is one of our top priorities and is ensured by a continuous internal system of production controls. These internal control mechanisms are themselves monitored twice a year by external bodies such as the Materials Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart (MPA Stuttgart).

in Wood

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You wouldn’t believe the things that can be made from wood. Join us and become part of this faszination.

You shoud be as excited as we are about wood and share our passion for perfection and quality. These are the traits that our domestic and international customers have valued for decades.

Building For Generations

Wood isn’t just a perfect basis for constructions of all kind. Its use contributes to preserve the basis of a sustainable existence for us and for generations to come.

When wood is used for energy or when it degrades naturally, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. However, only the CO2 that the tree accumulated during its growth can be emitted during this process. That is why using wood is considered to be climate neutral. Sustainable forestry is key to ensure that the balance between growth and use of wood remains intact. This way, our forests – vital for the biosphere and for slowing climate change – can be preserved for generations to come.

Our energy management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001